Michel Faber : The Writer and his Work

Glass, Rodge (2023) Michel Faber : The Writer and his Work. Writers & their Work . Liverpool University Press, Liverpool.

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This book by Rodge Glass, the award-winning novelist, short story writer and biographer, is the first ever detailed assessment of Michel Faber's life and work across genre and form. It draws on intimate, wide-ranging interviews with the author over a two-year period and investigates previously unexplored archival material, from the Canongate Books records to Faber's own personal archive, to bring fresh perspectives to light. Glass presents detailed interrogations of unpublished texts, including a novel, A Photograph of Jesus, as well as providing deep dives into Faber’s most celebrated works such as Under the Skin and The Crimson Petal and the White. Known for his hybrid creative-critical approach, Glass uses Faber's interest in generosity and compassion in writing as a focus for this study. Grouping his works by 'World', the book ranges across poetry, short stories, novels and novellas to make an argument for Faber as a writer who has consistently sought to explore narrow emotional territory, that of the human instinct to seek connection with others, even if genuine connection seems unlikely or impossible. Glass draws on individual case studies across Faber's hugely diverse body of work in a way that will be both- interesting for fans and informative for students of Faber's writing.