String Feeling

Sledmere, Maria (2022) String Feeling. Erotoplasty Editions, Seoul/Bucheon. ISBN 9781458338846 (

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String Feeling approaches a poetry of applied post-scarcity. In this intoxicating tragicomic epic, a kind of utopia of pure imperfection is imagined sidelong. String Feeling soaks up abundance in the inimical, the crystalline, and the samey. This is a social world whose connective tissues are ofc ablated and cuffed, its skins glitter-slit and unstable, yet nonetheless so tender and safe that even sickness can be cherished for its specific textures. Abundance is partly political economy, but partly mystic practices, a "seeing also," often droll and self-deprecatory, that reveals the wriggling roots of the real. Like its contrapunto comrade String Theory, String Feeling infers a higher-dimensioned space, where what appear as dots are actually one-dimensional objects (open or looped "strings"). This means that the pixels that make up a memory on one vibration may comprise a dream, or a desire, or an entanglement with the more-than-human, as the string’s vibrational intensity varies. What kind of fool gets this good at poetry when we don't even know what poetry is yet? String Feeling is a work supremely horny and wise.