Hypercritique : a sequence of dreams for the Anthropocene

Sledmere, Maria (2021) Hypercritique : a sequence of dreams for the Anthropocene. Coils of the Serpent (8). pp. 54-79. ISSN 2510-3059 (https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:bsz:15-qucosa...)

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[What sort of coming belongs to a dream? Existing suspended, to come, now, is to place impossible faith in the possible: that passion for “something” which answers as closure, fulfilment, echo, return. The conditional tense, “to have given us to believe”, as though this were the very text we were each receiving. And I call you from dreams like the siren, and I am more of each line, the outwards spread which you circle to end, ellipsis, still typing, which you centre but do not settle. The anthropocene, this hypothetical epoch of the lived, the literal extinction, asks us (and could it) to see ourselves coming as pure expenditure, general economy, the discharge of species ... ]