The study of public escalator/elevator and its surrounding as a micro-urban form on a hillside city

Wang, Zitong; (2022) The study of public escalator/elevator and its surrounding as a micro-urban form on a hillside city. In: Annual Conference Proceedings of the XXVIII International Seminar on Urban Form. University of Strathclyde Publishing, Glasgow, pp. 1398-1406. ISBN 9781914241161

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In order to overcome the hilly nature of the terrain, public elevators and escalators are unique civil transportation of a hillside city. These are generated from the urban morphology of the sloping land, and feedback affects the micro-city morphology in their surroundings. Among them, the Kaixuan Road elevator and the Huangguan escalator in Chongqing city are the main research objects in the study. The purpose of this study was to analyze the interaction mechanism between public elevators and escalators and sloping urban forms. The Urban traffic analysis, historical city plan analysis, and 3D modeling were applied in the study. (1) Urban traffic analysis: Through the GIS urban topographic map, the urban form of Chongqing based on the sloping terrain is analyzed, including its transportation network structure and built-up landforms. Then it analyses the location and reasons of the plots of public escalators/elevators and obtains the macroscopic impact of terrain on the city. (2) Historical city plan study: Based on the analysis method of M. R. G Conzen's urban morphology theory, the paper studies the changes in the urban environment around the two cases in Chongqing, including the aspects of urban land, building types, street shapes, architectural shapes, people flow, and public space interfaces. (3) Through 3D modeling to analyze the spatial impact of the announcement elevator escalator on the surrounding city. The conclusion of this paper reveals the changes and impacts of public elevator escalators as an infrastructure in the urban development of Chongqing city, finding the influence mechanism between public elevators/escalators and urban forms in sloped cities.