Optimising mechanical properties of hot forged nickel superalloy 625 components

Singo, Nthambe and Coles, John and Rosochowska, Malgorzata and Lalvani, Himanshu and Hernandez, Jose and Ion, William (2018) Optimising mechanical properties of hot forged nickel superalloy 625 components. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1960 (1). 110010. ISSN 1551-7616

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    Hot forging and subsequent heat treatment were resulting in substandard mechanical properties of nickel superalloy, Alloy 625, components. The low strength was found to be due to inadequate deformation during forging, excessive grain growth and precipitation of carbides during subsequent heat treatment. Experimentation in a drop forging company and heat treatment facility led to the establishment of optimal parameters to minimise grain size and mitigate the adverse effects of carbide precipitation, leading to successful fulfilment of mechanical property specifications. This was achieved by reducing the number of operations, maximising the extent of deformation by changing the slug dimensions and its orientation in the die, and minimising the time of exposure to elevated temperatures in both the forging and subsequent heat treatment processes to avoid grain growth.

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