Cloud FEA of hot stamping processes using a software agnostic platform

Zhu, Mingqing and Lim, Yixian C. and Cai, Zhaoheng and Liu, Xiaochuan and Dhawan, Saksham and Liu, Jun and Politis, Denis J. (2021) Cloud FEA of hot stamping processes using a software agnostic platform. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 112. pp. 3445-3458. ISSN 1433-3015 (

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Finite element analysis (FEA) of a hot stamping process demands the implementation of accurate material properties and boundary conditions to precisely predict and evaluate the post-form quality of a component. A software agnostic platform was developed to provide cloud FEA of a hot stamping process in three stages, namely, pre-FE modelling, FE simulation and post-FE evaluation. When the desired materials and process window were uploaded on the platform, the flow stress, material properties, interfacial heat transfer coefficient (IHTC) and friction coefficient were predicted by the model-driven functional modules and then generated in the form of compatible packages that could be implemented into the desired FE software. Subsequently, the FE simulation was performed either locally or remotely on the developed platform. When the simulated evolutionary thermomechanical characteristics of the formed component were uploaded, the formability, quenching efficiency and post-form strength could be predicted and then demonstrated on a dedicated visualiser on the developed platform. Cloud FEA of two different hot stamping technologies was conducted to demonstrate the function of the developed platform, showing an error of less than 10%.