The g-factor of CuGaSe2 studied by circularly polarised magneto-reflectance

Yakushev, M V and Sulimov, M A and Faugeras, C and Mudryi, A V and Martin, R W (2020) The g-factor of CuGaSe2 studied by circularly polarised magneto-reflectance. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 53 (17). 17LT02. ISSN 0022-3727 (

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High structural quality single crystals of CuGaSe2 were studied using photoluminescence (PL), optical reflectivity (OR) and circularly polarised magneto-reflectance (MR) at 4.2K in magnetic fields B up to 14 T. At B = 0 T both the PL and OR spectra exhibited the A free exciton, associated with the uppermost sub-band of the valence band of CuGaSe2 split by the tetragonal distortion in the lattice. The magnetic field induced a blue shift of the exciton in the MR spectra. Analysis of the dependence of the spectral position of the A exciton on B in the MR spectra, measured for both right and left circular polarisations of light, enabled the magnitude of its effective g-factor to be determined |g| = 0.46.