Structural integrity of ultrafine grain Al-3%Mg alloy under dynamic loading conditions

Chidambaram, S. and Giribaskar, S. and Parameswaran, Venkitanarayanan and Gouthama (2019) Structural integrity of ultrafine grain Al-3%Mg alloy under dynamic loading conditions. Procedia Structural Integrity, 14. pp. 226-233. ISSN 2452-3216 (

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Utilization of various materials for constructing dynamic components and equipments has increased ever today. The high speed deformation mechanics was studied in various scale levels, especially in micro and nano scales. Understanding the micromechanics using shock waves led to development of armor plates in military technology. One dimensional elastic stress is applied using Split Hopkinson pressure bar for the ultra-fine grain aluminum samples and microstructural evolution was discussed in detail. The material characterization of equi channel pressing and its effect on stability of material after shock wave testing is provided. The grain size of material is steadily decreased to obtain ultra-fine grain structure during equi channel pressing and by application of shock waves on those pressed samples, the grain size again increases within the material. The recovery, re-crystallization and grain growth was observed in those shock tested samples due to induced temperature during such shock testing. The existing dislocation sub structure in pressed samples devoid after inertia effects. It is proposed further to understand the interaction between precipitate particle and dislocations.