Bracketing through transpersonal reflexivity

Dörfler, Viktor and Stierand, Marc (2019) Bracketing through transpersonal reflexivity. In: EURAM 2019: 19th Annual Conference of the European Academy of Management, 2019-06-26 - 2019-06-28.

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In this conceptual methodology paper we explore the concept of bracketing in the phenomenological tradition. In this conceptual study we draw on experience from two empirical studies, one of which focused on the cognitive complexity of top scientists and the other on the creativity of top chefs. Both of these studies were framed in a phenomenological approach and both of them were aimed at studying high-complexity phenomena related to extraordinary achievers. This means that there is sufficient similarity between the two studies to bring them together in a conceptual exploration. In both of these studies we have engaged in bracketing as we were trying to make sense of the rich empirical material we have collected, in both cases this has been done through an interaction of two researchers (thus transpersonal), and in both cases the bracketing process was reflective and reflexive. In this conceptual study we explore the characteristics and the significance of bracketing implemented this way, and we argue that bracketing can then be the source of additional insights that supplement and/or clarify the findings.