Biodiversity, pathogen sharing and international law

Switzer, Stephanie and Morgera, Elisa and Tsioumani, Elsa and Burci, Gian Luca; Negri, Stefania, ed. (2019) Biodiversity, pathogen sharing and international law. In: Environmental Health in International and EU Law. Giappichelli-Routledge Studies in Law, London, pp. 253-271. (In Press)

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    The sharing of pathogens is fundamental to global health and has the capacity to contribute, inter alia, to enhancing disease surveillance activities necessary for global health security, building and bolstering diagnostic capacity, assisting in risk assessment, as well as the development of vaccines and treatments such as antivirals. In order for an effective infectious disease response to be realised, however, pathogen sharing on its own is not enough. Instead, 'fair and equitable access to diagnostics, vaccines and treatments' is also required.