The band structure of CuInTe2 studied by optical reflectivity

Yakushev, M. V. and Mudryi, A. V. and Kärber, E. and Edwards, P. R. and Martin, R. W. (2019) The band structure of CuInTe2 studied by optical reflectivity. Applied Physics Letters, 114 (6). 062103. ISSN 0003-6951 (

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CuInTe2 is a semiconductor with high potential for use as a thermoelectric material and as the absorber in thin film solar cells. Studying the optical reflectivity spectra of CuInTe2 single crystals resolves resonances at 1.054 eV and 1.072 eV, which are assigned to the A and B free excitons. Photoluminescence spectra exhibited a peak due to the A free exciton at 1.046 eV. Varshni coefficients were found for both excitons. Zero temperature bandgaps EgA = 1.060 eV and EgB = 1.078 eV were determined for the A and B valence sub-bands, respectively. The splitting due to crystal-field ΔCF and spin-orbit effects ΔSO were calculated as −26.3 meV and 610 meV, respectively, using the determined EgA and EgB and a literature value of EgC.