The 2018 revision of the standard IEC 61400-24 : lightning protection of wind turbines

Méndez, Y. and Abild Jensen, H. and Sørensen, T. S. and Hermoso, B. and Plumer, J. A. and Groenhagen, J. and Hansen, A. N. and Saounde, J. G. and Pedersen, B. E. and Birkl, J. and McNiff, B. and Bertelsen, K. and Rittinghaus, C. and Yamamoto, K. and Thiel, E. and Rodríguez Valentín, L. and Hansen, L. B. and Ono, S. and Kimura, M. and Songye and Caie, M. and Christiansen, T. L. and Hrescak, M. and March, V. and Woebbeking, M. and Matsushita, T. and Montanya, J. and Barton, W. and Siew, W. H. and Wang, X. and Baker, R. and Yasuda, Y. and Madsen, S. F. and Zhou, Q. and Funabashi, S. and Zhou, X. and Yokoyama, S. and Zhuang, Y. (2018) The 2018 revision of the standard IEC 61400-24 : lightning protection of wind turbines. In: 34th International Conference on Lightning Protection, 2018-09-02 - 2018-09-07, Rzeszow.

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The first edition of the standard IEC 61400-24, Wind Generator Systems – Part 24 Lightning Protection, was issued in June 2010, and the scope was to reflect the experiences and technical understanding of lightning protection of wind turbines by manufacturers, certification organizations, research institutes and universities. It presented background statistical information on lightning damage to wind turbines, and it provided guidance on lightning protection best practices. Since then, the wind power industry has further developed towards even larger onshore and offshore wind turbines and into a mature industry. This is the background for the current draft of the 2018 revision of the IEC 61400-24, which transforms the 2010 edition into an evolution of the previous issued standard based on improved technical experience and expertise.