Parametric design and holistic optimisation of post-panamax containerships

Priftis, A. and Turan, O. and Boulougouris, E.; Kujala, Pentti and Lu, Liangliang, eds. (2018) Parametric design and holistic optimisation of post-panamax containerships. In: Marine Design XIII. CRC Press, FIN, pp. 603-612. ISBN 9781138541870

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The continuous endeavour of the shipping industry for economic growth has led the shipbuilding industry to explore new designs for ships. Additionally, the introduction of new regulations by the International Maritime Organisation frequently triggers changes in the ship design process. In this respect, proper use of computer-aided ship design systems extends the design space, while generating competitive solutions in short lead time. This paper focuses on multi-objective optimisation of containerships. The developed methodology is demonstrated by the conceptual de-sign and optimisation of a post-panamax containership. The methodology includes a parametric model of the ship’s external and internal geometry and the development and calculation of all required properties for compliance with the design constraints and verification of the key performance indicators. Moreover, compliance with the second generation intact stability criteria and structural rules regarding the vessels’ midship section was checked. Genetic algorithms were used for the solution of this optimisation problem.


Priftis, A. ORCID logoORCID:, Turan, O. and Boulougouris, E. ORCID logoORCID:; Kujala, Pentti and Lu, Liangliang