The effect of cavitation in propeller – rudder – hull interaction

Yilmaz, Naz (2017) The effect of cavitation in propeller – rudder – hull interaction. In: "Ocean Dreams" — 2017 International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics, 2017-07-12.

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This study develops a new method for investigation of cavitation in terms of propeller rudder and hull interaction. Influenced by the interaction, the cavitation will be examined using computational fluid dynamic methods. First, whole system including propeller rudder and hull will be divided into small parts to simulate step by step. These steps include open water simulations for the propeller, analyses of the propeller in the cavitating conditions, cavitation analyses which is including propeller and rudder will be realized respectively in model scale as the validation studies.  Next, the whole system will be analyzed in model scale and full scale to predict cavitation patterns on propeller and on rudder. Especially, simulating the influence of operating propeller on rudder will be the most important and novel part of this study. During the analyses, different solving models i.e. RANS, DES and LES will be used for the comparison with each other. As a result, a method will be proposed to simulate and predict the cavitation on rudder placed in the wake of an operating propeller.