Decision support tool for modelling security scenarios onboard passenger ships

Gypa, I. and Boulougouris, E. and Vassalos, D.; Soares, Carlos Guedes, ed. (2017) Decision support tool for modelling security scenarios onboard passenger ships. In: Maritime Transportation and Harvesting of Sea Resources. CRC/Taylor & Francis Group, PRT, pp. 299-304. ISBN 9780815379935

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The vast growth in the global cruise industry, coupled with a number of major maritime casualties has brought about emphasis on the importance of ensuring precise and effective ship evacua- tion. The use of simulation software tools is the current-state-of-the art, in order to improve the existing evacuation procedures. At the same time, growing concern over maritime security issues has given rise to a new requirement for these simulation tools, particularly regarding the security of large passenger ships. In response to the aforementioned concerns, this paper aims to address a number of scenarios pertinent to the maritime security problem. Using the evacuation simulation software tool EVI and a large cruise vessel as a test case, a series of Monte Carlo base simulations have been conducted with focus placed on scenarios relating to important aspects of the Ship Security Plan. This includes procedures such as the evacuation of large spaces and the movement of all passengers to their cabins.