Local Energy Perspectives on Scotland and Brazil

Tuohy, Paul Gerard; Mendonça, Marcelo Rodrigues and Rodrigues de Oliveira, Adriano, eds. (2016) Local Energy Perspectives on Scotland and Brazil. In: Annals of the IV Workshop Production and Appropriation of New Energy Sources. Universidade Federal de Goiás, BRA, pp. 295-305. ISBN 9788549500878

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Policy support for climate change and sustainable energy deployment in the EU and Scotland has enabled Communities to implement and benefit from local energy schemes, there would appear to be potential for similar schemes in Brazil. There have however been miss-steps due to narrow criteria being applied in assessment of carbon emissions and sustainability, there is a need for more detailed environmental assessment. The ability of a Community to adopt a local energy scheme depends on its Governance, financial and technical capacity. A new multi-disciplinary assessment process is being developed and piloted in Scotland and Brazil which includes technical, environmental and socio-economic factors. The output will be an identification of appropriate energy systems and technical and socio-economic gaps to be addressed. The focus here is on local energy due to global funding availability however the Community capabilities developed for energy schemes can be applied to other projects and have wide benefits.