Problem structuring for MCDA : incorporating external expertise

Belton, Valerie and Kockar, Ivana and Berrie, Scott and Rivera, Luis (2014) Problem structuring for MCDA : incorporating external expertise. In: 20th Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, 2014-07-13 - 2014-07-18, Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona - CCIB.

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Facilitated workshops, in which a group of key stakeholders are helped to structure, build and use a multicriteria model, are a common and effective approach to MCDA. However, often it is not possible to bring together all those with relevant expertise and ownership. This talk will describe and reflect on the lessons learned from two case studies which have used different ways of sourcing expert input to inform the building of multicriteria models to be used by others, one associated with the UNEP MCA4Climate Project and the other the EPSRC Highly Distributed Energy Futures Project.