Co-ordination and dissemination of European pressure equipment research

Nash, D.H. (2002) Co-ordination and dissemination of European pressure equipment research. In: Opportunities in research and development for the pressure equipment industry, 2002-01-01.

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During the past 15 to 20 years there has been a change in how research and development has been co-ordinated and disseminated both in the UK and across Europe. With the decline in traditional UK pressure equipment fabrication and the move towards a service based economy, there has been a reduction in overall research and development input. This has led to a change in how industry responds and participates in research programmes and its relationship with research bodies. With the removal of barriers to trade and the advent and adoption of harmonised standards, there has been recognition that a shift away from local and national effort towards a pan-European position is a preferred option for many. Whilst there remains some need for user associations and focus groups, the formation of the European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) has provided a single focus point for both industry and research organisations. Recent successes in attracting European Union funding and the provision of useful deliverables have indicated that the EPERC model may be the way forward for improved co-ordination and dissemination of pressure equipment research.