AGRIBOT : enabling agricultural robotics with space hardware technology

Post, Mark A. and Palazzetti, Roberto and Yan, Xiu T.; (2015) AGRIBOT : enabling agricultural robotics with space hardware technology. In: 2015 Space Robotics Symposium – Present and Future Robotics in Space Applications. UNSPECIFIED.

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Smart and automated farming practices are an essential technology for increasing yields, lowering production overheads, and maintaining the environment to ensure future productivity. Worldwide, it is now accepted that agricultural productivity will have to increase by 25% to allow limited arable land to meet a doubling of demand by 2050, and interest in agricultural robotics to allow real-time and accu-rate monitoring and response for crops has rapidly developed as a result [1]. In the current Newton-funded [2] work described in this paper, we aim to create an automated robotic system known as “Ag-ribot” composed of a ground station, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), and aerial vehicle (UAV) com-ponents for use in farming practices in China, which due to its population density is in critical need of technologies to increase yields. We currently target corn, wheat, rice and rapeseed.