Hurrell, Scott and Scholarios, Dora; Wilkinson, Adrian and Redman, Tom and Dundon, Tony, eds. (2016) Recruitment. In: Contemporary Human Resource Management. Pearson Education, London, pp. 79-105. ISBN 9781292088242

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Recruitment is often neglected in the HRM literature. Most accounts combine the discussion of recruitment with selection, with greater emphasis on selection. However, the more effective organisations are at identifying and attracting a high quality pool of job applicants, the less important the selection stage of hiring becomes. According to some, recruitment is “the most critical human resource function for organizational survival or success” (Taylor & Collins, 2000, p.304 ).


Hurrell, Scott and Scholarios, Dora ORCID logoORCID:; Wilkinson, Adrian, Redman, Tom and Dundon, Tony