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An integrated camera system for effective acquisition, capturing and transmission of hyperspectral data

Tschannerl, Julius and Ren, Jinchang and McKee, David and Marshall, Stephen (2016) An integrated camera system for effective acquisition, capturing and transmission of hyperspectral data. In: Hyperspectral Imaging 2016, 2016-10-12 - 2016-10-13, Ricoh Arena.

Text (Tschannerl-etal-HSI2016-Integrated-camera-system-for-effective-acquisition-capturing-and-transmission)
Accepted Author Manuscript

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While the rapid development of hyperspectral imaging camera systems results in smaller and more lightweight devices, integrated solutions for acquiring, capturing and transmitting the data a rarely available off-the-shelf. Most HSI systems come with additional capturing software that needs to be operated on a Laptop or Desktop PC externally and therefore often limits the system to stationary operation or mobile vehicles that can carry a lot of weight. On the other hand, existing integrated mobile HSI solutions are often very application dependant and costly. We propose a prototypical mobile HSI camera system that can acquire, capture and transmit hyperspectral data with a focus on general purpose usage, flexibility, mobility and low cost. The system focuses on the recording device, which is based on the single board computer UDOO Quad. The system has been validated and tested in a lab based environment, showing potential for mobile applications. It has been found that the proposed system is more flexible and efficient at acquiring the data at the cost of a less comfortable handling.