Social media data in technology acceptance research

Lacka, Ewelina (2015) Social media data in technology acceptance research. In: The 9th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2015-07-12 - 2015-07-15, China.

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Nowadays, social media sites are not only used for social interaction, but they are increasingly utilized as platforms on which consumers express their opinions about products and the way they use them. As such, social media sites are rich source of data concerning consumers’ attitudes, beliefs and values towards products as well as their intentions to use and actual use of those products. Consequently social media sites are source of data that can be used to test a range of intention-based models, which are build on attitudes-intention-actual behaviour paradigm. Until now however, this data was not used to test such models. This might be because researchers and practitioners alike find it difficult to extract, organize and analyse social media data. Thus instead of making use of this rich database, they favour traditional data collection methods, such as questionnaire survey or interviews, to assess consumers’ attitudes towards products and their acceptance and subsequent use. Those traditional research methods however are time consuming and thus they are inappropriate to examine consumer’s attitudes towards products characterized by short lifecycle, e.g. digital products. This is the first study that aims to make use of social media data to test consumers’ attitudes towards digital products acceptance. Specifically, this research aims to evaluate consumers’ acceptance of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge using social media data.