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UK National Quantum Technologies Hub in sensors and metrology

Bongs, K. and Boyer, V. and Cruise, M. A. and Freise, A. and Holynski, M. and Hughes, J. and Kaushik, A. and Lien, Y.-H. and Niggebaum, A. and Perea-Ortiz, M. and Petrov, P. and Plant, S. and Singh, Y. and Stabrawa, A. and Paul, D. J. and Sorel, M. and Cumming, D. R. S. and Marsh, J. H. and Bowtell, R. W. and Bason, M. G. and Beardsley, R. P. and Campion, R. P. and Brookes, M. J. and Fernholz, T. and Fromhold, T. M. and Hackermuller, L. and Krüger, P. and Li, X. and Maclean, J. O. and Mellor, C. J. and Novikov, S. V. and Orucevic, F. and Rushforth, A. W. and Welch, N. and Benson, T. M. and Wildman, R. D. and Freegarde, T. and Himsworth, M. and Ruostekoski, J. and Smith, P. and Tropper, A. and Griffin, P. F. and Arnold, A. S. and Riis, E. and Hastie, J. E. and Paboeuf, D. and Parrotta, D. C. and Garraway, B. M. and Pasquazi, A. and Peccianti, M. and Hensinger, W. and Potter, E. and Nizamani, A. H. and Bostock, H. and Rodriguez Blanco, A. and Sinuco-Leon, G. and Hill, I. R. and Williams, R. A. and Gill, P. and Hempler, N. and Malcolm, G. P. A. and Cross, T. and Kock, B. O. and Maddox, S. and John, P. (2016) UK National Quantum Technologies Hub in sensors and metrology. In: Quantum Optics. Proceedings of SPIE . SPIE, 990009-1-990009-7.

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    The UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology is one of four flagship initiatives in the UK National of Quantum Technology Program. As part of a 20-year vision it translates laboratory demonstrations to deployable practical devices, with game-changing miniaturized components and prototypes that transform the state-of-the-art for quantum sensors and metrology. It brings together experts from the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Nottingham, Southampton, Strathclyde and Sussex, NPL and currently links to over 15 leading international academic institutions and over 70 companies to build the supply chains and routes to market needed to bring 10–1000x improvements in sensing applications. It seeks, and is open to, additional partners for new application development and creates a point of easy open access to the facilities and supply chains that it stimulates or nurtures.