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Word-representability of triangulations of grid-covered cylinder graphs

Chen, Herman Z.Q. and Kitaev, Sergey and Sun, Brian Y. (2016) Word-representability of triangulations of grid-covered cylinder graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics. ISSN 0166-218X (In Press)

Text (Chen-etal-DAM2016-Word-representability-of-triangulations-of-grid-covered-cylinder-graphs)
Accepted Author Manuscript
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A graph G=(V,E) is word-representable if there exists a word w over the alphabet V such that letters x and y, x ≠ y, alternate in w if and only if (x,y) ∈ E. Halldórsson, Kitaev and Pyatkin have shown that a graph is word-representable if and only if it admits a so-called semi-transitive orientation. A corollary of this result is that any 3-colorable graph is word-representable. Akrobotu, Kitaev and Masàrovà have shown that a triangulation of a grid graph is word-representable if and only if it is 3-colorable. This result does not hold for triangulations of grid-covered cylinder graphs; indeed, there are such word-representable graphs with chromatic number 4. In this paper we show that word-representability of triangulations of grid-covered cylinder graphs with three sectors (resp., more than three sectors) is characterized by avoiding a certain set of six minimal induced subgraphs (resp., wheel graphs W5 and W7).