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Fabrication, characterization and applications of flexible vertical InGaN micro-light emitting diode arrays

Tian, Pengfei and McKendry, Jonathan J. D. and Gu, Erdan and Chen, Zhizhong and Sun, Yongjian and Zhang, Guoyi and Dawson, Martin D. and Liu, Ran (2016) Fabrication, characterization and applications of flexible vertical InGaN micro-light emitting diode arrays. Optics Express, 24 (1). pp. 699-707. ISSN 1094-4087

Text (Pengfei-etal-OE-2016-Fabrication-characterization-and-applications-of-flexible-vertical-InGaN)
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Flexible vertical InGaN micro-light emitting diode (micro-LED) arrays have been fabricated and characterized for potential applications in flexible micro-displays and visible light communication. The LED epitaxial layers were transferred from initial sapphire substrates to flexible AuSn substrates by metal bonding and laser lift off techniques. The current versus voltage characteristics of flexible micro-LEDs degraded after bending the devices, but the electroluminescence spectra show little shift even under a very small bending radius 3 mm. The high thermal conductivity of flexible metal substrates enables high thermal saturation current density and high light output power of the flexible micro-LEDs, benefiting the potential applications in flexible high-brightness micro-displays and high-speed visible light communication. We have achieved ~40 MHz modulation bandwidth and 120 Mbit/s data transmission speed for a typical flexible micro-LED.