Investigating the contributors of fishing vessel incidents

Kurt, R. E. and Lazakis, I. and Turan, O.; Rizzuto, Enrico and Soares, C Guedes, eds. (2012) Investigating the contributors of fishing vessel incidents. In: Sustainable Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources. CRC Press, ITA, pp. 747-754. ISBN 9780203130339

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The present research paper demonstrates an in-depth analysis of fishing vessel incidents occurring in UK territorial waters as registered in the MAIB database. The aim is to investigate the main factors and sub-factors in the incidents involving fishing vessels and the role of human element in them. In order to achieve this aim, fishing vessel incidents recorded in the UK MAIB database for the last 19 years are thoroughly examined. The objective through which the main aim is achieved includes the examination of the incident location, the various types of the incident as well as the identification of the factors which contribute to the above mentioned incidents. Furthermore, the present paper compares the outcomes of the analysis with current rules, guidelines and regulations from national and international bodies and moreover suggests measures to overcome the above mentioned concern.