Landau levels of the C-exciton in CuInSe2 studied by magneto-transmission

Yakushev, M. V. and Rodina, A. V. and Shuchalin, G. M. and Seisian, R. P. and Abdullaev, M. A. and Rockett, A. and Zhivulko, V. D. and Mudryi, A. V. and Faugeras, C. and Martin, R. W. (2014) Landau levels of the C-exciton in CuInSe2 studied by magneto-transmission. Applied Physics Letters, 105 (14). 142103. ISSN 0003-6951

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    The electronic structure of the solar cell absorber CuInSe2 is studied using magneto-transmission in thin polycrystalline films at magnetic fields up to 29 T. A, B, and C free excitons are resolved in absorption spectra at zero field and a Landau level fan generated by diamagnetic exciton recombination is observed for fields above 7 T. The dependence of the C band exciton binding energy on magnetic fields, calculated using a hydrogenic approximation, is used to determine the C exciton Rydberg at 0 T (8.5 meV), band gap (1.2828 eV), and hole effective mass mso = (0.31 ± 0.12)m0 for the C valence sub-band.

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    Yakushev, M. V., Rodina, A. V., Shuchalin, G. M., Seisian, R. P., Abdullaev, M. A., Rockett, A., Zhivulko, V. D., Mudryi, A. V., Faugeras, C. and Martin, R. W. ORCID logoORCID:;