Prefazione : Evoluzione culturale e forme dell'abitare in Egitto

Salama, Ashraf M; Picone, Adelina, ed. (2009) Prefazione : Evoluzione culturale e forme dell'abitare in Egitto. In: Casa Araba d’Egitto. Jaca Books, Milan, Italy, XI-XII. ISBN 9788816408562

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Traditional houses in Egypt were discussed in the literature in a fragmented manner. While in many of the writings emphasis was placed on the stylistic debates and the analysis of their cultural authenticity, little emphasis was placed upon functional, climatic and socio-spatial aspects of the continuous process of transformation of their major spaces and within different regions and contexts. While it is evident that this book “La casa araba d’Egitto: costruire con il clima dal vernacolo ai maestri contemporanei” covers a wide spectrum of issues, I find it an opportunity to reflect on some issues that contextualize the discussion. It is clearly evident that this is an important contribution where Dr. Adele Picone takes the debate further by offering a comprehensive analytical and articulated overview of traditional houses in different regions in Egypt from Nubia through the Western Desert Oases to Cairo. This is not all; the analysis goes beyond the typical discussions and offer reflections on important socio-spatial elements with emphasis on reactions to climatic conditions and natural light.