Architecture as Language of Peace

Mazzoleni, Donatella and Anzani, Giuseppe and Salama, Ashraf M. and Sepe, Marichela and Simone, Maria Maddalena, eds. (2005) Architecture as Language of Peace. Edizioni - Intra Moenia, Naples, Italy. ISBN 9788874210541

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Architecture as Language of Peace was released in August 2005 and published by Edizioni - Intra Moenia, Rome and Naples, Italy. The book is jointly edited by Donatella Mazzoleni, Giuseppe Anzani, Ashraf Salama, Marichela Sepe, and Maria Maddalena Simone. The contents of this book were formulated in the early months of 2003, and brought together two components: the achievements of the Design Laboratory involving 4th and 5th year architecture students at the Universit? di Napoli Federico II in 2001-2003 featuring "Spaces for encounters with Arab culture"; and the proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on "Identity and Differences in Architecture" held in Naples (Napoli) in December 2002. The book features scholarly articles of academics from Europe, Australia, North Africa, and Middle East. Full papers are published in their original language with abstracts in Arabic and English.