Exilio e Identidad en el Mundo Hispánico : Reflexiones y Representaciones

Caballero Rodriguez, Beatriz and López Fernández, Laura (2012) Exilio e Identidad en el Mundo Hispánico : Reflexiones y Representaciones. Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes, Alicante. ISBN 9788415548034

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This interdisciplinary collection of essays draws together the work of forty contributors whose expertise includes literature, poetry, memory studies, cultural studies politics, history and philosophy to name but a few key of the fields included in this publication. The aim of this work is offer a comprehensive analysis of the experience of exile and identity in the Hispanic world, in particular the following three aspects: philosophical reflections on the theme of exile and identity; historical, biographical and sociological case studies of exile; and representations of exile in the world of Hispanic Literature. In order to do this, in addition to 37 critical essays, this book also includes some reference material, illustrating the size and scale of the exile phenomenon in each of the Hispanic countries under discussion. The majority of scholarly works dealing with the theme of exile in the Hispanic world published up until now have tended towards a mono-disciplinary or specialist focus, dealing with either only one or two countries or working through only one primary lens – whether it be philosophical, literary, political etc. Yet, the theme of exile and migration is a fundamental one which touches on the core of human identity (especially so in today’s globalised world) and defies easy compartmentalisation or categorisation. One of the contributions of this publication is its ability to provide a critical overview of the subject of Hispanic exile(s), giving it a much broader contextualization across a range of academic disciplines (including Spanish, Latin American and Cultural Studies, Sociology, Political Science, to name just a few).