A laboratory study of mechanisms for auroral kilometric radiation generation

Ronald, K. and Speirs, D. C. and McConville, S. L. and Gillespie, K. M. and Phelps, A. D. R. and Bingham, R. and Cross, A. W. and Robertson, C. W. and Whyte, C. G. and He, W. and Cairns, R. A. and Vorgul, I. and Kellett, B. J. (2010) A laboratory study of mechanisms for auroral kilometric radiation generation. In: 35th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, 2010-09-05 - 2010-09-10.

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An experimental simulation of the Earth's Auroral Magnetosphere has been created. Experiments have been undertaken to study the processes by which the auroral cyclotron maser emission occurs.


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