A framework for investigating the interaction in information retrieval

Lalmas, M. and Ruthven, I.; Kawaguchi, E. and Kangassalo, H. and Jaakkola, H. and Hamid, I.A., eds. (1999) A framework for investigating the interaction in information retrieval. In: Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XI, 1999-05-24 - 1999-05-28.

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To increase retrieval effectiveness, information retrieval systems must offer better supports to users in their information seeking activities. To achieve this, one major concern is to obtain a better understanding of the nature of the interaction between a user and an information retrieval system. For this, we need a means to analyse the interaction in information retrieval, so as to compare the interaction processes within and across information retrieval systems. We present a framework for investigating the interaction between users and information retrieval systems. The framework is based on channel theory, a theory of information and its flow, which provides an explicit ontology that can be used to represent any aspect of the interaction process. The developed framework allows for the investigation of the interaction in information retrieval at the desired level of abstraction.We use the framework to investigate the interaction in relevance feedback and standard web search.


Lalmas, M. and Ruthven, I. ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6669-5376; Kawaguchi, E., Kangassalo, H., Jaakkola, H. and Hamid, I.A.