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23-29 October 2017 is International Open Access Week. The Strathprints institutional repository is a digital archive of Open Access research outputs, all produced by University of Strathclyde researchers.

Explore recent world leading Open Access research content this Open Access Week from across Strathclyde's many research active faculties: Engineering, Science, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences and Strathclyde Business School.

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Strathprints: Field descriptions

Title (mandatory)

The full title of the item you are depositing. If possible, cut and paste from the paper itself. Preserve the original wording, order and spelling of the eprint title. Only capitalize proper nouns. Subtitles should be separated from the title by a colon. For example - The new nationalism and the old history: perspectives on the West German Historikerstreit.

Authors or creators (mandatory)

Insert the names of all the authors. Try to ensure the format of names is consistent as this will enable all papers by a particular author to be found by just one search.

Status (mandatory)

State whether your deposit has been published, is currently in the process of being published or has not been previously published.


State whether the version of the paper you are depositing has undergone formal peer-review.

Department (mandatory)

Select your department or unit. You may select more than one if the paper is a result of inter-departmental research by clicking on department while holding down ctrl key.

Keywords (strongly recommended)

Enter words or phrases that describe the content of the item. Accurate keywording will enable the retrieval of your paper, so it is important to be as comprehensive as possible. Ensure you include synonyms and alternative spellings although you do not always need to include plurals as the database automatically searches for plurals where they end in "s". Do ensure however that you include other plurals e.g. women.

Abstract (strongly recommended)

Insert a brief abstract of the paper. The abstract is used for searching so it will help the retrieval of your paper if you include one. An author abstract may be copied and pasted into this box.

Date issued (see item below)

The date the item was issued or published. Mandatory unless the item is unpublished, in which case use Date Submitted.

Date submitted (mandatory, but see item above)

Date the item was submitted to the publisher. This is mandatory if the paper has no publication date. If the submission date of an unpublished item is not known, use todays date.

Journal or publication title

Title of the journal, publication or magazine.


Volume number of the journal or series in which your item appeared.


Issue number of the journal or series in which your item appeared.

Page range

The sequence of pages of the item (first and last page numbers, linked by a dash).


Total number of pages of the item.


Person, firm or corporate body responsible for placing an item on the market.

Place of publication

Location of the publishers' offices.


Name of the series to which the document belongs.


Unique ten-digit code identifying a book.


Unique eight-digit code identifying the serial in which the paper was published.

Presentation type

The type of the item presented at a conference or workshop.

Event type

The specific type of event.

Event title

The title of the conference or workshop.

Event location

City or town, then country, where the event was held.

Event date

Start and end dates for the event.

Identification Number

The unique identifier of this item or DOI.

Monograph type

The specific type of this monograph eg. technical report.


The institution from which the item originated.


The department from which the item originated.

Thesis type

The type of thesis eg. Masters, PhD.

Book title

As found on the title page of the book.


Mandatory if no authors have been entered.

Patent applicant

The name of the applicant to whom a patent was granted.

Official URL

A DOI or Openurl link to the version on the publisher's site.

Additional information

Specify useful information about your deposit that can't be entered anywhere else. This information will appear on the public summary page for this item. Often an alternative URL to the full-text or related information can be placed here. Also, the link to a journal or book in the Library catalogue. If the publisher of your item requires a formal acknowledgement, place it here.

Comments and Suggestions

Please put any known copyright information here, along with any comments to the Strathprints administrators. Text in this box will not be displayed on the public pages.