Modular Light Sources for Microscopy and Beyond (ModLight)

Gibson, Graham M and Archibald, Robert and Main, Mark and Kallepalli, Akhil (2022) Modular Light Sources for Microscopy and Beyond (ModLight). Other. arXiv.

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Delivering light to an object is one of the key steps in any imaging exercise. Tools such as LEDs and lasers are available to achieve this. These components are integrated into systems such as microscopy, medical imaging, remote sensing, and so many more. Motivated by the need for affordable and open access alternatives that are globally relevant, we share the designs and build instructions for modular light source devices that use simple, off-the-shelf components. Light emitted by near-infrared, red, green and blue LEDs are combined with a choice of mirrors or X-Cube prisms to deliver collimated beams of light.