An implementation of a dual-processor system on FPGA

Eshaq, Mohammed Eqbal (2023) An implementation of a dual-processor system on FPGA. Other. arXiv, Ithaca, NY.

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In recent years, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) have evolved rapidly paving the way for a whole new range of computing paradigms. On the other hand, computer applications are evolving. There is a rising demand for a system that is general-purpose and yet has the processing abilities to accommodate current trends in application processing. This work proposes a design and implementation of a tightly-coupled FPGA-based dual-processor platform. We architect a platform that optimizes the utilization of FPGA resources and allows for the investigation of practical implementation issues such as cache design. The performance of the proposed prototype is then evaluated, as different configurations of a uniprocessor and a dual-processor system are studied and compared against each other and against published results for common industry-standard CPU platforms. The proposed implementation utilizes the Nios II 32-bit embedded soft-core processor architecture designed for the Altera Cyclone III family of FPGAs.