P72 Characterisation of spinal cord injury induced osteoporosis in a rat model

Tanner, Elizabeth and Coupaud, Sylvie and Williams, Jonathan and Windmill, James and Riddell, John (2021) P72 Characterisation of spinal cord injury induced osteoporosis in a rat model. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 5 (S2). pp. 55-56. e10475. ISSN 1523-4681 (https://doi.org/10.1002/jbm4.10475)

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Structural,densitometric and mechanical changes that occur in the paralysed limbs of a rat model of complete spinal cord injury (SCI) are described.Providing a uniquely-detailed description of the spatio temporal changes throughout the distal femur (a fracture-prone site in human SCI patients). Male rats (200-250g) were assigned into eight (n=8) experimental groups. Four-groups sustained transection SCI at thoracic level T9 and were sacrificed at 2, 6, 10 and 16-weeks post-surgery. Each SCI group had an age-matched sham-operated control group. Bone quantity and quality were assessed using microCT for global and site-specific analysis of trabecular (epiphyseal and metaphyseal) and cortical bone (metaphyseal and diaphyseal) morphometry and densitometry. Whole-bone and material-level properties were assessed using three-point bending and torsional testing