Recent advances in MXene composites research, applications and opportunities

Saharudin, M.S. and Ayub, A. and Hasbi, S. and Muhammad-Sukki, F. and Shyha, Islam and Inam, Fawad (2023) Recent advances in MXene composites research, applications and opportunities. Materials Today: Proceedings. ISSN 2214-7853 (

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MXene composites have emerged as a promising class of materials due to their exceptional properties and versatility in various applications. In recent years, researchers have made significant progress in the development and characterization of MXene composites, paving the way for new opportunities in various fields, including energy storage, environmental remediation, and catalysis. The incorporation of MXenes into polymers has led to enhanced mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. Additionally, advances in MXene synthesis and functionalization have expanded the scope of their applications. This review summarizes recent research progress in MXene composites, highlights the challenges, and discusses potential opportunities for future development