Research on complex multimodal vibration characteristics of offshore platform

Wang, Na and Liang, Ran and Li, Lei and Liu, Zhigang and Zhao, Zhe (2023) Research on complex multimodal vibration characteristics of offshore platform. Reviews on Advanced Materials Science, 62 (1). e220311. ISSN 1605-8127 (

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The vibration and noise performance of the offshore platforms are significant factors affecting the comfort and physical and mental health of the staff, and are also important indicators for evaluating the status of platforms. Based on the principle of structural dynamics, taking the semi-submersible platform as the research object, this article systematically and comprehensively studies the vibration characteristics and transfer laws of some partial-frame structures to the overall structure by combing theoretical derivation and numerical simulation. Firstly, the coupling dynamic model of the device-plate-platform is established, and the vibration transmission from the excitation source to the platform structure through the coupling system is analyzed theoretically. Secondly, the multimodal vibration mechanism of the plate frame and cabin structure is discussed by considering the plate frame and the plate frame as one. Finally, based on the semi-submersible platform structure, the study of complex multi-modal vibration transfer law of platform structure is carried out, which contributes to the research on multimodal coupled vibration protection of offshore platform structure.