Addressing multi-scale microbial challenges using the Mesolens

Rooney, Liam M. and Bottura, Beatrice and Baxter, Katherine and Amos, William B. and Hoskisson, Paul A. and McConnell, Gail (2023) Addressing multi-scale microbial challenges using the Mesolens. Journal of Microscopy. ISSN 0022-2720 (

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We provide a brief review of the development and application of the Mesolens and its impact on microbiology. Microbial specimens such as infected tissue samples, colonies surfaces, and biofilms are routinely collected at the mesoscale. This means that they are relatively large multi-millimetre-sized samples which contain microscopic detail that must be observed to answer important questions across various sectors. The Mesolens presents the ideal imaging method to study these specimens as no other optical microscope can thanks to its unique combination of low magnification and high numerical aperture providing large field-of-view, high-resolution imaging. We demonstrate the current applications of the Mesolens to microbial imaging and go on to outline the huge potential of the Mesolens to impact other key areas of microbiology.