Terabit indoor laser-based wireless communications : LiFi 2.0 for 6G

Soltani, Mohammad Dehghani and Kazemi, Hossein and Sarbazi, Elham and Qidan, Ahmad Adnan and Yosuf, Barzan and Mohamed, Sanaa and Singh, Ravinder and Berde, Bela and Chiaroni, Dominique and Béchadergue, Bastien and Abdeldayem, Fathi and Soni, Hardik and Tabu, Jose and Perrufel, Micheline and Serafimovski, Nikola and El-Gorashi, Taisir E. H. and Elmirghani, Jaafar and Penty, Richard and White, Ian H. and Haas, Harald and Safari, Majid (2022) Terabit indoor laser-based wireless communications : LiFi 2.0 for 6G. Other. arXiv, Ithaca, New York. (https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2206.10532 Focus to...)

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This paper provides a summary of available technologies required for implementing indoor laser-based wireless networks capable of achieving aggregate data-rates of terabits per second as widely accepted as a sixth generation (6G) key performance indicator. The main focus of this paper is on the technologies supporting the near infrared region of the optical spectrum. The main challenges in the design of the transmitter and receiver systems and communication/networking schemes are identified and new insights are provided. This paper also covers the previous and recent standards as well as industrial applications for optical wireless communications (OWC) and LiFi.