Commeedalism : Why Capitalism Fails and How We Can Build a Robust, Equitable and Sustainable Alternative

Mwaura, Samuel (2022) Commeedalism : Why Capitalism Fails and How We Can Build a Robust, Equitable and Sustainable Alternative. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. ISBN 9798366317450

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Capitalism is bad for our economy, our society and our planet, and we know that full well. But until now, we have had no feasible alternatives to consider for a replacement. We have never actually quite figured out what is inherently wrong with capitalism. Without a problem well stated, we have had no launch pad towards a credible solution. So we have been stuck with capitalism and sadly actually almost gave up on even the mere envisioning of an alternative. We acquiesced. This book bravely rejects such gloominess. Instead, it invokes ambition, scrupulous scholarship, conceptual iconoclasm, satire and theoretical rigour to dismantle the keystone and core pillars of capitalism. It then goes on to methodically construct the robust alternative we call commeedalism. This book demonstrates that we no longer have to see growth and equity as competing objectives. Under the proposed model of commeedalism, you will envision how we can coherently achieve economic development equitably and sustainably; how we can realise progress without the pain of boom and bust. Designed for prompt implementation and impact, commeedalism is not a utopian dream. This book sets out a draft blueprint to hash out so we can start constructing an upright economy forthwith.


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