Advances in pulmonary drug delivery targeting microbial biofilms in respiratory diseases

Sharma, Ankur and Kumar, Dhruv and Dahiya, Kajal and Hawthorne, Susan and Jha, Saurabh Kumar and Jha, Niraj Kumar and Nand, Parma and Girgis, Samuel and Raj, Sibi and Srivastava, Rashi and Goswami, Vineet Kumar and Gregoriou, Yiota and El-Zahaby, Sally A. and Ojha, Shreesh and Dureja, Harish and Gupta, Gaurav and Singh, Sachin and Chellappan, Dinesh Kumar and Dua, Kamal (2021) Advances in pulmonary drug delivery targeting microbial biofilms in respiratory diseases. Nanomedicine, 16 (21). pp. 1905-1923. ISSN 1743-5889 (

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The increasing burden of respiratory diseases caused by microbial infections poses an immense threat to global health. This review focuses on the various types of biofilms that affect the respiratory system and cause pulmonary infections, specifically bacterial biofilms. The article also sheds light on the current strategies employed for the treatment of such pulmonary infection-causing biofilms. The potential of nanocarriers as an effective treatment modality for pulmonary infections is discussed, along with the challenges faced during treatment and the measures that may be implemented to overcome these. Understanding the primary approaches of treatment against biofilm infection and applications of drug-delivery systems that employ nanoparticle-based approaches in the disruption of biofilms are of utmost interest which may guide scientists to explore the vistas of biofilm research while determining suitable treatment modalities for pulmonary respiratory infections.