Design and applications of Rogowski coil sensors for power system measurements : a review

Shafiq, Muhammad and Stewart, Brian G. and Hussain, Ghulam Amjad and Hassan, Waqar and Choudhary, Maninder and Palo, Ivo (2022) Design and applications of Rogowski coil sensors for power system measurements : a review. Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 203. 112014. ISSN 0263-2241 (

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The Rogowski coil (RC) is emerging as a robust current measurement solution for various kinds of applications. Due to its endorsed electrical performance and flexible geometrical design, the RC is widely used in a variety of power system measurements. The ability of measuring a wide range of frequencies and signal amplitudes makes the RC a favorable sensor for assessing normal as well as faulty system operations. Researchers dealing with specific measuring or monitoring solutions confine the focus towards a certain design approach for the development of RC sensors. In order to provide a wider perspective, this paper presents a comprehensive overview of RCs considering different perspectives including: design, construction, modelling, and ongoing advances in RC designs and applications. The applications are mainly discussed based on the operation of the power components and characteristics of the measured signals. Further exploration of RC sensors can greatly contribute in increasing the measurement capability and reliability of power grids.