Quantum illumination with multiplexed photodetection

Yang, Hao and Samantaray, Nigam and Jeffers, John (2022) Quantum illumination with multiplexed photodetection. Physical Review Applied, 18 (3). 034021. ISSN 2331-7043 (https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevApplied.18.034021)

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The advantages of using quantum states of light for object detection are often highlighted in schemes that use simultaneous and optimal measurements. Here, we describe a theoretical but experimentally realizable quantum illumination scheme based on nonsimultaneous and nonoptimal measurements, which can maintain this advantage. In particular, we examine the multiclick-heralded two-mode-squeezed vacuum state as a probe signal in a quantum illumination process. The increase in conditioned signal intensity associated with multiclick heralding is greater than that from a single detector-heralded signal. Our results show, for lossy external conditions, the presence of the target object can be revealed earlier using multiclick measurements. We demonstrate this through sequential shot measurements based on Monte Carlo simulation.