Modelling and indirect field‐oriented control for pole phase modulation induction motor drives

Iqbal, Atif and Reddy, B. Prathap and Rahman, Syed and Meraj, Mohammad (2022) Modelling and indirect field‐oriented control for pole phase modulation induction motor drives. IET Power Electronics, 16 (2). pp. 268-280. ISSN 1755-4543 (

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In the recent days, for the traction and electric vehicle (EV) applications, multiphase machines with pole phase modulation (PPM) technique have been proposed. The smoother operation during pole changeovers as well as steady-state operations is a significant constraint while adopting the PPM-based multiphase induction motor (PPMIM) drives for EV and traction applications. So, in this paper, the PPMIM dynamic model and associated vector control are proposed for attaining a smoother operation of the machine. The machine modelling equations and transformation matrices are implemented in an arbitrary reference frame by considering the different pole phase combinations. Based on the modelling equations, the indirect field-oriented control (IFOC) is proposed for PPMIM drives by reflecting the associated changes in parameters for different pole phase modes. In the IFOC, for regulating the d-axis and q-axis current components, single PI control loops have been implemented for all pole-phase combinations. The proposed IFOC scheme is robust and applicable for adopting any type of pulse width modulation. The experimental, as well as simulation results, are given to illustrate the potentiality of the proposed dynamic model and IFOC. The PPMIM machine performance during the steady state as well as pole changeovers in different pole phase modes are analyzed and associated. Simulation and experimental results are presented.