AC power flow analysis for inverters in microgrid application

Roslan, M A and Azmi, S A and Ahmed, K H (2022) AC power flow analysis for inverters in microgrid application. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2312 (1). 012053. ISSN 1742-6588 (

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In a microgrid system, proper current distribution and load sharing strategies are essential to achieve reliable parallel operation. Line impedance is an important factor when implementing a control technique for an inverter for microgrid operation, whether it is operating in grid connected or island mode. It is sometime difficult to visualize the impact of different line impedance to the power flow in AC microgrid. In this paper, AC power flow of an inverter-based system connected to a common ac bus through purely resistive, inductive or complex line impedances is investigated. For each line impedance case, the effect of an inverter’s output voltage power angle and amplitude on the active and reactive power flow are studied. Several active and reactive powers plots are generated in 3D surf plots to visualize the impact of line impedance on the power flow in an AC system.