Gated single-molecule transport in double-barreled nanopores

Xue, Liang and Cadinu, Paolo and Paulose Nadappuram, Binoy and Kang, Minkyung and Ma, Ye and Korchev, Yuri and Ivanov, Aleksander P. and Edel, Joshua B. (2018) Gated single-molecule transport in double-barreled nanopores. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10 (44). pp. 38621-38629. ISSN 1944-8244 (

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Single-molecule methods have been rapidly developing with the appealing prospect of transforming conventional ensemble-averaged analytical techniques. However, challenges remain especially in improving detection sensitivity and controlling molecular transport. In this article, we present a direct method for the fabrication of analytical sensors that combine the advantages of nanopores and field-effect transistors for simultaneous label-free single-molecule detection and manipulation. We show that these hybrid sensors have perfectly aligned nanopores and field-effect transistor components making it possible to detect molecular events with up to near 100% synchronization. Furthermore, we show that the transport across the nanopore can be voltage-gated to switch on/off translocations in real time. Finally, surface functionalization of the gate electrode can also be used to fine tune transport properties enabling more active control over the translocation velocity and capture rates.