Individually addressable multi-nanopores for single-molecule targeted operations

Cadinu, Paolo and Kang, Minkyung and Paulose Nadappuram, Binoy and Ivanov, Aleksander P. and Edel, Joshua B. (2020) Individually addressable multi-nanopores for single-molecule targeted operations. Nano Letters, 20 (3). pp. 2012-2019. ISSN 1530-6992 (

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The fine-tuning of molecular transport is a ubiquitous problem of single-molecule methods. The latter is evident even in powerful single-molecule techniques such as nanopore sensing, where the quest for resolving more detailed biomolecular features is often limited by insufficient control of the dynamics of individual molecules within the detection volume of the nanopore. In this work, we introduce and characterize a reconfigurable multi-nanopore architecture that enables additional channels to manipulate the dynamics of DNA molecules in a nanopore. We show that the fabrication process of this device, consisting of four adjacent, individually addressable nanopores located at the tip of a quartz nanopipette, is fast and highly reproducible. By individually tuning the electric field across each nanopore, these devices can operate in several unique cooperative detection modes that allow moving, sensing, and trapping of DNA molecules with high efficiency and increased temporal resolution.