Assessing Approaches to Sentencing Data and Analysis : Final Report

Gormley, Jay and O' Malley, Tom and Roberts, Julian and Spohn, Cassia and Tata, Cyrus (2022) Assessing Approaches to Sentencing Data and Analysis : Final Report. Judicial Council of Ireland, Dublin.

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To assist with the discharge of its functions, the SGIC commissioned us as the independent academic research team to assess the methodological approaches to sentencing data collection and analysis in Ireland, as well as to evaluate the utility of methodologies employed in other jurisdictions. This document is the final report submitted by the academic research team us. It brings together various lessons from experiences around the world and makes several recommendations to the SGIC. The research team is led by Prof Cyrus Tata (University of Strathclyde, Scotland). The substance of the report is divided into four chapters. This chapter (Chapter 1) outlines the purpose of this report and provides a short overview of the key findings. Chapter 2 explores the data available to the SGIC in Ireland and its limitations. Chapter 3 provides a review and analysis of data collection methodologies adopted in several jurisdictions where a body equivalent to the SGIC has been established. Chapter 4 synthesises the material from Chapters 2 and 3 to draw conclusions and make recommendations on the steps to be taken to promote high-quality sentencing data that will enable the fulfilment of the SGIC's statutory purposes.