What Design Research Does ... : 62 Cards Highlighting the Power and Impact of UK-based Design Research in Addressing a Range of Complex Social, Economic, Cultural and Environmental Issues

Rodgers, Paul and Winton, Euan and Pulley, Robert and Moxon, Siân and Nevola, Fabrizio and Saunders, Clare and Sermon, Paul and Walker, Stuart and Bedwell, Ben and Niedderer, Kristina and Swann, David and Belford, Patricia and Carey, Daniel and Bailey-Cooper, Naomi and Morohashi, Kazz and Sedgwick, Faye and Evans, Mark and Sailer, Kerstin and Backhaus, Julia and Kapsali, Veronika and Macdonald, Alastair and O'Sullivan, Cara and Walker, Sue and Salisbury, Laura J. and Kopanoglu, Teksin and Julier, Guy and Raskob, Evan and Satchwell, Candice and Duggan, James and Whicher, Anna and Bec, Remi and Briggs, Jo and Hackney, Fiona and Jackob, Anke and Andrews, Simon and Treadaway, Cathy and Hunter, David and Zamenopoulos, Theodore and Wang, Ziwei and Binns, David and Sutherland, Sally and Myerson, Jeremy and Loudon, Gareth and Orbasli, Aylin and Dean, Lionel T. and Black, Sandy and Daniels, Harry and Wareing, Laura and Slater, Jen and Lefévre, Yoni and Beckett, Richard and Salinas, Lara and Maragiannis, Anastasios and Gamman, Lorraine and Patrick, Mikaela and Palomino, Elisa and Galdon, Fernando and Taylor, Rebecca and Bunn, Stephanie and Gumtau, Simone and Black, Sandy and Coyles, David (2022) What Design Research Does ... : 62 Cards Highlighting the Power and Impact of UK-based Design Research in Addressing a Range of Complex Social, Economic, Cultural and Environmental Issues. University of Strathclyde and Lancaster University, Glasgow, Lancaster.

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Design research makes a significant contribution to the UK economy and society as a whole. Ever since the establishment of the Government Schools of Design in the nineteenth century, the UK has been widely acknowledged as an international leader in design research. Following this lead, the What Design Research Does… cards highlight the wide range of social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts that design research, funded and based in the UK, makes all over the world. The 62 cards illustrate unambiguously the positive changes that contemporary UK-based design researchers are making in many complex issues. Each What Design Research Does… card lists the challenges and issues faced by the design researchers, who they collaborated with, the research methods and approaches taken, the outcomes of the design research, what the main results and findings have been, and what impact the design research has had. In short, the What Design Research Does… cards clearly articulate the breadth of social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts that UK-based design researchers are achieving today.


Rodgers, Paul ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3149-191X, Winton, Euan, Pulley, Robert, Moxon, Siân, Nevola, Fabrizio, Saunders, Clare, Sermon, Paul, Walker, Stuart, Bedwell, Ben, Niedderer, Kristina, Swann, David, Belford, Patricia, Carey, Daniel, Bailey-Cooper, Naomi, Morohashi, Kazz, Sedgwick, Faye, Evans, Mark, Sailer, Kerstin, Backhaus, Julia, Kapsali, Veronika, Macdonald, Alastair, O'Sullivan, Cara, Walker, Sue, Salisbury, Laura J., Kopanoglu, Teksin, Julier, Guy, Raskob, Evan, Satchwell, Candice, Duggan, James, Whicher, Anna, Bec, Remi, Briggs, Jo, Hackney, Fiona, Jackob, Anke, Andrews, Simon, Treadaway, Cathy, Hunter, David, Zamenopoulos, Theodore, Wang, Ziwei, Binns, David, Sutherland, Sally, Myerson, Jeremy, Loudon, Gareth, Orbasli, Aylin, Dean, Lionel T., Black, Sandy, Daniels, Harry, Wareing, Laura, Slater, Jen, Lefévre, Yoni, Beckett, Richard, Salinas, Lara, Maragiannis, Anastasios, Gamman, Lorraine, Patrick, Mikaela, Palomino, Elisa, Galdon, Fernando, Taylor, Rebecca, Bunn, Stephanie, Gumtau, Simone, Black, Sandy and Coyles, David;